Yekaterina is an artist originally from Tallinn and continues to live and work in Estonia. She earned her bachelor’s degree in fine arts (Graphics) from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2007 and complemented her education with Erasmus program in the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague.
Her first solo exhibition was held in Tallinn in June 2021. She has also participated in the group exhibitions in France, Egypt, Republic of North Macedonia and elsewhere in Estonia, as well as lived and worked in Italy. She is a member of the Association of Estonian Printmakers and Italy Estonia Association.
Yekaterina creates her own unique artistic world, combining Italian sophistication and Scandinavian minimalism. In her graphic works, she tells stories by asking questions, looking for the answers, exploring and expressing herself through a perpetually dancing pencil line. This is the dance of the artist’s soul.

Photo by Karine PhotoArt 

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