“When creative energy finds satisfaction, it becomes a reliable support that gives
strength in difficult moments, it brings us health.”
Adrian Hill, 1945

Time we are living in is changing rapidly. What 100 or 50 years ago was just a fantasy now is the norm of life. We have less time and opportunities for natural things, such as creativity, nature, music.

We live in a time of chaos, tension and constant acceleration, which is inherently disharmonious and destructive. However, in my opinion, human nature requires harmony, even if we feel it on a subconscious level!

There is a deep conflict in this situation and can not have a beneficial effect on the soul’s state of a person and his well-being. It contributes to internal destruction.

I think only creativity, which in turn contributes to harmonization of yourself and sense of humanity, will help to find balance and keep the beauty given to us by nature.

Making art can be a step to being able to reflect on yourself and tell your story to others. With the help of color, shape, movement, sound, it is often possible to express what is difficult or even impossible to express in words.

It can be very difficult to put into words what happened. After an injury, a person cannot talk about it. You don’t need words to draw, that’s why art therapy is so good.
It takes no effort to say the right things; creativity will speak for the person. In any case, some emotions can be better expressed through art than through verbal language. Although a person cannot put into words what he or she feels, looking at own work is something else, something that can lead to healing.

The theory of the left and right hemispheres says that the creative expression of the art uses the right hemisphere. Interesting, the right hemisphere is also dedicated to storing visual memories. Many argue that they are very closely related, and this is one of the reasons why art therapy has been so successful in identifying repressed unconscious images.
The trauma will remind of itself until it is accepted and lived. Without feelings, there is no healing. Many traumatic events that are re-lived become part of the personality. So, a person becomes stronger and healthier, fears go away.

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